A Message on Dragon+

Bart looks back at his introduction to Dragon Magazine, and ahead to future developments.

Bart Carroll

Hi folks:

Back in issue #10 (October 2016), I wrote about my introduction to Dragon Magazine while browsing a local bike shop’s magazine rack. I can still remember the cover that first caught my eye… As much as anything else, Dragon helped draw me (and many other readers) into this wonderful hobby. And it’s been my absolute honor to have taken part in its ongoing tradition, helping publish Dragon+ for these past 41 issues.

We’re incredibly proud of Dragon+’s success in reaching audiences through its app space as well as dragonmag.com. However, as we evolve D&D’s presence online, we’ve decided that Dragon+ 41 will be the final issue we’ll be publishing in the current format.

For the past several years, we’ve utilized the D&D website to provide information on forthcoming products and events, published key columns like Sage Advice, Unearthed Arcana, and the D&D Studio Blog, and countless interviews and features. Additional features and interviews we’ve published in Dragon+… and that’s not even mentioning the wealth of content and communications taking place on our social media, organized play, and other platforms. As we’ve long said, it’s always better not to split the party, and looking forward, we’re exploring ways to further integrate this content and bring you even more support for Dungeons & Dragons.

Whatever the future holds, we’re excited to move towards it—while also proud of what we’ve delivered in this most recent iteration of Dragon.

As always, you can stay informed of the latest D&D news through @Wizards_DnD (and @DnDBeyond)—and learn more of the brand’s future plans at this year’s Wizards Presents event taking place August 18.

Thank you,
Bart Carroll


A Final Word of Thanks

I would be remiss not to call out our incredible partners involved with Dragon+ through these years, as well as give thanks to the many contributors who provided articles, interviews, editing, illustrations—all of the creative energies that made the magazine such a tremendous joy to have worked on.

Our partners at Dialect, who handled the creation, ongoing publication, and support for the digital magazine, include Jack McHenry, Chris Imlay, Annabel Miller, and many others who provided their creative expertise and dedicated effort to these 40+ issues.

And finally, a special callout must be made to Matt Chapman, who has served as Dragon+’s editor-in-chief for almost the entirety of its run. Dragon+ benefitted tremendously with Matt at the helm, and my very sincere and heartfelt thanks extend to him!