It’s going to be a bumper year for Dungeons & Dragons-themed novels, comics, and annuals, and Publishing Lead Paul Morrissey has been kind enough to take Dragon+ through the packed schedule. Prepare yourselves for a visit to the Forgotten Realms by Mr. Meeseeks, an adorable kids’ adventure set in the Dungeon Academy, and a Baldur’s Gate III prequel starring Minsc & Boo!

JULY 2021


Comic Collection: Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons

This collection, written by superstars Jim Zub and Jody Houser, includes issues 1-4 of the comic-book series. Follow the crew from Hawkins, Indiana as they discover the legendary monsters and epic adventures of the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop roleplaying game for the first time. With one chapter acting as a prequel to the sci-fi TV show, we see the campaign they were playing and the things happening to them before they ever encountered the Upside Down. Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons is available now on Amazon.



Comic Collection: At the Spine of the World

Another trade paperback coming out at the end of July sees a new party of adventurers traveling to Icewind Dale. Written by A.J. Mendez and Aimee Garcia, with illustrations by Martin Coccolo, can these five unlikely heroes stop the plot of an ancient, primordial evil? You can pre-order At the Spine of the World on Amazon.

Comic Collection: Rick and Morty VS. Dungeons & Dragons

This deluxe-edition hardcover features all eight issues of the hilarious crossover comics. Unique for this edition is a brand-new, 30-page story featuring Mr. Meeseeks conquering the Forgotten Realms, crafted by Jim Zub and Troy Little. You can pre-order Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons: Deluxe Edition on Amazon.

Novel: Starlight Enclave

This is the first in a new trilogy for R.A. Salvatore’s hero Drizzt. As civil war brews in Menzoberranzan, Jarlaxle and Zakefein search to unlock the secrets of a powerful sword, which could bring salvation to their home. Accompanied by Catti-Brie, the two drow discover the Starlight Enclave, a mysterious haven in the freezing north. With a book coming out each year, the final part of the trilogy will land on Drizzt’s 35th anniversary. You can pre-order Starlight Enclave on Amazon.



Dungeons & Dragons Annual 2022

Following the success of the Dungeons & Dragons Annual 2021, this new addition charts all the major developments over the past twelve months in the world of D&D. There are interviews with major livestreamers and podcasters from around the world, as well as guides to creating your own characters, and even taking the next step and becoming a Dungeon Master.



Monthly Comic Series: Mindbreaker: Baldur’s Gate III

This five-issue series features Minsc and Boo, Krydle, Shandie, Delina, and Nerys. Written by Jim Zub, it’s designed to lead into the events of the Baldur’s Gate III video game. The party must fight to save each other—and their sanity—from a mind flayer-led cult secretly destroying trust between the factions in Baldur’s Gate. This storyline follows on from the Infernal Tides comic and takes place prior to the events in Baldur’s Gate III.

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Novel: Dungeon Academy: No Humans Allowed!

Welcome to Dungeon Academy, where monsters and creatures train for the dark world that awaits just beyond the dungeon walls! But Zellidora “Zelli” Stormclash is different. She’s the one thing monsters and creatures of the Forgotten Realms fear the most: Zelli is a human! Disguised as a minotaur, she befriends a group of misfit monsters including a vegan owlbear, a cowardly kobold, and a shapeshifting mimic as she sets out on an adventure to uncover her past. This charming upcoming young adult D&D novel is written by New York Times bestselling author Madeleine Roux, with amazing illustrations by Tim Probert. You can pre-order Dungeon Academy: No Humans Allowed! on Amazon.