Solo Adventure: Frozen Offerings

Party of one? Grab yourself a sidekick and brave Icewind Dale’s frozen climes in our solo adventure.

Dungeons & Dragons has embraced solo play since its earliest editions, allowing dungeon doors to be kicked open even when there’s no-one else around to play. We chatted with author Paul Bimler about this growing field of gaming in Issue #32 and as he was kind enough to share his knowledge on the best way to build a module meant for one, we had him construct an Icewind Dale-based mission especially for Dragon+!

Frozen Offerings is a solo (DM-less) quest designed for a fifth edition character of level 7-10. Players read text entries with multiple potential outcomes, make decisions for their characters, and are then directed to further situations and occasional combat encounters.

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All of the instructions players need can be found in the PDF below, including combat instructions for both yourself and a premade sidekick (you’ll find Thalgar’s stat block after the main body of adventure text). You can also download basic maps to print out and help you keep track of the battles.

Since you’ll be equipping your character with regular starting gear according to class and background, and also have the opportunity to buy items from the Dungeon Master’s Guide, we suggest you choose wisely. As Bimler sagely proposes, “Take the opportunity to pick up some potions of healing. You are going to need them.”