Welcome to Dragon+ Issue 32

A heartfelt message on behalf of the D&D and Dragon+ Teams. Stay safe everyone.

Greg Tito

Dear Dragon+ readers,

We were lucky to roll a pair of twenty-sided dice and take the higher one for this year’s annual D&D event. D&D Live 2020: Roll w/ Advantage needed all the help it could get in making its debut this year!

Not only do we have a pandemic occurring for which we pivoted to a digital event, but there is unrest in the global community as society struggles with the reality of systemic racism. We want to recognize what’s happening in the world while also providing a space for the community to find something to be excited about in a situation that honestly feels terribly bleak most of the time.

All this weighs heavily on my heart. I have made it a big part of my work at D&D to make sure that Black creators and players feel welcome in our community. I don’t want to list anything specific here, but there is one single point I’d like to drive home for everyone reading this message—it takes substantial work to push against systemic racism and make change happen. That work must be done by all of us, not just the Black spokespeople you might see on a streaming D&D show.

Just as your character might work to earn enough experience points or justify the story reward from your Dungeon Master in order to gain a level, so too must we all work hard to create a safe environment for Black people to enjoy the same hobby of telling fantastic stories together.


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I am proud of the work the entire Wizards of the Coast team put forth in order to make D&D Live 2020 a memorable experience for Dungeons & Dragons fans around the world. We learned about the frozen landscape we’ll be exploring in Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden from Chris Perkins and raised money through your donations to Red Nose Day. We came together as a global community by playing D&D Adventurers League online sessions all weekend long, previewing what’s happening in the region. We voted to keep our favorite of the ten characters portrayed by members of the D&D Community in Reality RP and worked together to uncover who the cultist was who burned the food silos in Ten-Towns. And we were entertained by the most star-studded group of performers ever assembled to play D&D on a live stream program.

Finally, we listened to the Black members of our community as they discussed their experiences in the TRPG and what we can do to make it a more positive environment fostering the creative storytelling we all love.

That was the spirit of D&D Live 2020: Roll w/ Advantage. The advantage we all possess is when this community comes together to slay the monsters attacking our people. Let’s gather the party, donate to Red Nose Day, and earn some freaking experience points by working to end racism.

Thank you,

Greg Tito