The Gribbits Detective Agency II

DM David Harmon brings the Dragon Friends podcast to your tabletop for a second outing

Back in Dragon+ #18 the Dragon Friends allowed us all to step into their madcap world courtesy of a playable scenario. The Gribbits Detective Agency took place between seasons one and two of the Dragon Friends podcast—following events at the House of the Artificer but before the party’s trip to Barovia.

The scenario (which saw the team hunting through urban chaos for Janos Meer, a powerful underworld figure known as the Beggar King) set the record straight about what exactly happened between those two seasons, while also adding a few Easter eggs that built on the backstories of NPCs and factions in the podcast.

“That’s a lot of words to say that we basically used that adventure to plug all our idiot plot holes,” says its co-writer Ben Jenkins.

The Gribbits Detective Agency II is an adventure for four level 2 characters and is designed to follow on from the original adventure. Mykon Drift, genius inventor and entrepreneur, has disappeared ahead of his greatest ever product launch. Drift is a disruptor in the truest sense and the techno marvels he releases often wreak havoc on the guilds and economies of the Sword Coast. But titans of industry like him do not just disappear and someone is willing to pay to find him. Unfortunately, they’re not willing to pay very well, so what they get is the Gribbits Detective Agency.

“Both Gribbits and Janos Meer are regular recurring characters in the Dragon Friends universe,” says Dungeon Master David Harmon. “This second scenario allows us to build out the world of the Gribbits Detective Agency a little more and to de-tether it from the Dragon Friends main plot, while still working as a companion piece. By moving the action to Baldur’s Gate we also set up a possible third outing that ties into current Dragon Friends storylines.”

Simon Greiner is on hand once more to provide original art for The Gribbits Detective Agency II, while Jog Brogzin has designed an incredible spiralling dungeon map.



The Dragon Friends podcast is available at the group’s official website, on Spotify and on iTunes. Click this link to download the first Gribbits scenario, including 1st-
level character sheets for Bobby, Philge and Freezo.