Comic: Jason Thompson’s Temple of Moloch

Enter a dungeon populated by owls, bears, and owlbears… not to mention alchemists, evil rangers, and the terrible, tentacled thessal-kraken!

The key location for this year’s Extra Life adventure, Infernal Machine Rebuild, was the sample dungeon that originated in the first edition Dungeon Master’s Guide (which is itself celebrating a 40th anniversary, alongside the game’s overall 45th anniversary). Contributing to the project, illustrator Jason Thompson created the following richly detailed cartoon map of the dungeon!

Descending the stairs, adventurers first encounter the temple’s resident “pet”—the mutant spider, Thacko. From there, it’s a dizzying exploration of rooms in service to the alchemist Thessalar and his many experiments—including creation of the world’s first owlbear! Meanwhile, other sections of the dungeon house the temple area—including an appearance by the game’s famed statue of Moloch and its massive (and oh so tempting) ruby eyes!

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Comic artist, author and illustrator Jason Thompson currently runs a Monday night gaming group in San Francisco. His works include the Eisner-nominated Manga: The Complete Guide, King of RPGs, H.P. Lovecraft’s The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, and the tabletop game Mangaka: The Fast & Furious Game of Drawing Comics. His favorite things to draw are landscapes, plants, reptiles and amphibians and you can view more of his work at his official website.