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Including a look ahead to Extra Life events, the Prince of Dorne’s trip to the Nine Hells, and adventurers cleaning up the mess left by more experienced campaigners.


When playing Dungeons & Dragons, it’s not uncommon to finish up a campaign with your characters saving the world or rescuing innocents. It seems many adventures you watch on have some variation of that theme set in a fantasy world… but fans can have a strong, positive impact in this world, too.

Extra Life is a charity organization D&D has been happy to be involved with since 2013, with the express purpose of driving donations to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. And for 2019, we’re continuing our livestreaming and other efforts to help drive even more donations!

Here’s the current (and massive!) schedule for upcoming Extra Life streams and you can check the D&D website for further updates and information.

We kick off on stage at Lucca, where D&D luminaries Joe Manganiello, Mark Hulmes, and Kim Richards will be playing Dungeons & Dragons live in front of Italian fans for the first time.

Lucca Comics & Games (; hosted on
  • Thursday, Oct 31st 12-2pm PT: Lucca RPG Night (Host: Nicola Degobbis)
  • Friday, Nov 1st 8-10am PT: D&D Live Game: Hell (DM: Bill Benham)
  • Friday, Nov 1st 12-2pm PT: Lucca RPG Night (Host: Nicola Degobbis)
  • Saturday, Nov 2nd 7-7:45am PT: D&D and Pop Culture Panel
  • Saturday, Nov 2nd 8-10am PT: D&D Live Game: Eberron (DM: Mark Hulmes)
  • Saturday, Nov 2nd 12-2pm PT: Lucca RPG Night (Host: Nicola Degobbis)
  • Sunday, Nov 3rd 5:30-6:30am PT: D&D Art Panel
  • Sunday, Nov 3rd 7-9am PT: D&D Live Game: Baldur’s Gate (DM: Paul Foxcroft)
Gamehole Con (on; hosted on
  • Thursday, Oct 31st 3-4.50pm CT (1-2.50pm PT): Tales from the Mists
  • Thursday, Oct 31st 6.30-9pm CT (4.30-7pm PT): Gilding Light
  • Friday, Nov 1st 3-3.50pm CT (1-1.50pm PT): Roleplay Roulette
  • Friday, Nov 1st 4-5.50pm CT (2-3.50pm PT): Heroes of the Vale
  • Friday, Nov 1st 6:30-9.50pm CT (4.30-7.50pm PT): DM Mike Mearls
  • Saturday, Nov 2nd 1.30-2.30pm CT (11.30am-12.30pm PT): Rainbow Tentacles
  • Saturday, Nov 2nd 3-4.50pm CT (1-2.50pm PT): d4 Show
  • Saturday, Nov 2nd 6.30-9.50pm CT (4.30-7.50pm PT): DM Chris Perkins
Dragon+ (on
  • Wednesday, Nov 6th 12-2pm PT: DM: Ben Petrisor
Tales from the Mists (on
  • Friday, Nov 8th 6-8pm PT
Scratticus Academy Marathon (on; hosted on
  • Saturday, Nov 9th 10am PT–Sunday, Nov 10th 10am PT
Seattle Children’s Hospital (on
  • Saturday, Nov 9th 12-3pm PT
Realmsmith (on; hosted on
  • Sunday, Nov 10th 2-4pm PT
Dungsweepers (on
  • Tuesday, Nov 12th 4-6pm PT


Flintlocks & Fireballs is a 5th Edition D&D Actual Play podcast that takes place in the rich, homebrew setting of Calcinea, a Napoleonic world on the brink of revolution where muskets and cannon exist alongside dragons and spirits. The podcast releases weekly episodes every Tuesday at 7pm GMT, but also releases bonus content every Saturday in the form of short stories, asides and even original sea shanties!

The players began their voyage as crew on a privateer ship, but soon enough ill luck, adventure, and a particularly vicious hag changed their course.

“At the current point in the story, the crew have become heavily involved in the Suulian Revolution and had almost brokered a peace, only for drow disaster bard Celestia Stardust to be literally dragged back to her past in the form of a kidnapping!” actor and playwright Ellie Sparrow, who plays Stardust on the show, tells Dragon+.

That action not only split the party, it also sent the storyline barreling down two different tracks. One track follows Celestia and her kidnappers, while the young tiefling sorcerer Scamp and halfing gun dad Corzin try to rescue her along the other. “The players have characters in both parties, with a new friend joining the rescuers in the form of wizard Oksana Orlov, while Celestia finds unexpected allies in the ‘Tsiblings’, Tsander and Tsabnet, a pair of discontented drow,” Sparrow explains. “Will they rescue Celestia? Will they perish down below, beyond the light of day? Will our actors be stuck playing two characters forever? Only time will tell….”

New listeners can follow the storyline all the way from episode one, but the team have also created a number of chapters for ease of access. Episode sixty-three is the most recent jumping on point for the podcast and you can find a full list of chapters on the official website.

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New episodes of Flintlocks & Fireballs appear every Tuesday at 7pm GMT (11am PT; 2pm ET) on Podbean and iTunes.



If you’ve read our interview with Kayla Cline earlier in this issue, you’ll know to expect spooky goings on in Tales from the Mists. Season two of the show has changed locations to Saltmarsh and Cline used her artistic talents to bring that creepy vibe to this storm-wracked port on the coast of Greyhawk’s Azure Sea.

“I took the Ravenloft influence from season one and I put it underwater, basically making everything very cold, blue, and watery,” she tells Dragon+. “Creature from the Black Lagoon is a great way to describe it because Saltmarsh also lends itself well to that horror aspect. It was a lot of fun.”

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Tales from the Mists runs Fridays from 6pm PT on the official D&D Twitch channel. You can also connect with Kayla Cline on Instagram and Twitter and find more of her work on her official website.



Toby Osmond is fantasy royalty. For most actors that would merely be a phrase. But when the leaders of the Seven Kingdoms met to decide who would rule in the final episode of Game of Thrones, he was there representing Dorne as its new prince.

His latest role sees him playing Andreas “The Giant” Doros in Adventurers Wanted: Agents of the Nine Hells, the running gag being that fellow party members Kelden (a minotaur cleric) and Perygl (a bugbear wizard) are both taller than Andreas. A ranger of some renown with a distinctive accent, he’s only a giant miniature space hamster away from being a true icon.

“In some ways Andreas is based on me,” he tells Dragon+ with a laugh. “Obviously not in build or in his gladiatorial nature—in stature he’s very much inspired by Arnie in Conan the Barbarian. But I have a mixed ancestry which includes a lot of Italian so I wanted his accent to be a medley of Chessenta—going more for Antonio Banderas in The 13th Warrior—as well as Icewind Dale where the character is from, so also related to the Vikings in The 13th Warrior, and a touch of Arnie when he gets emotional.

“I also have Roma ancestry and the idea of a wandering ranger type travelling as far as possible—to the Nine Hells no less!—to do good things also plays a part in Andreas’ background. He’s very much driven by his former life in indentured servitude in the gladiator pits and wants to help others avoid that fate. But given his past he also loves the thrill of combat so frankly he’s having a lovely time in Hell!”

Osmond’s highlights in the weekly live-play stream have so far included kill-stealing the final hit on the first major devil in a hellwasp nest, and jumping onto a fiend who was attempting to carry off Monsoon the bard and Perygl.

“However, my favorite moment has to be throwing a dwarven cleric out of a pit fight to win that contest. Unfortunately, the main prize of ‘free drinks all night’ was diluted by a certain Editor-in-Chief of Dragon+, who insisted the bar staff put water in them to keep Andreas sober. Spoilsport.”

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Adventurers Wanted: Agents of the Nine Hells streams on Mondays from 6-9pm GMT (10am-1pm PT; 1-4pm ET) at and is hosted on the official D&D Twitch channel. You can connect with Toby Osmond on Twitter and Facebook.



We’re not afraid to admit it, the Dragon+ team loves a good pun. And so do the folks behind live-play stream Roll for Dameage.

“The name Roll for Dameage is the result of a conversation between myself, Lili, Carley, and Mark,” says College Professor Jessica Langer. “I was playing with the term ‘roll for damage’ when Lili suggested the ‘dame’ element, and Roll for Dameage was born. It was the best punny title we could think of whose name was also available as a social media handle on all the channels we could think of!

“We’re a bunch of friends who met through the Toronto D&D community and decided to create a livestream to encourage other women to play, and to have a space where being a girl is the default, not the exception. Lili came up with a pretty good tagline for us, which is ‘A D&D 5e stream of fems and friends with great wit and all-natural crits.’

“We’ve occasionally had people ask us why we sometimes include men on the stream as guest players when we started Roll for Dameage as an all-women project. The answer is we wanted to create a stream where the focus was on including women in D&D rather than excluding people who are not women. So our core cast is all women and most episodes will be majority-women, even when we include guests—but we’d always rather include people than exclude them and it’s the attitude of the player more than their gender identity that matters most to us.”

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Season one of Roll for Dameage wraps on Tuesday October 29 and the final session will include a special guest star. That will be followed by a four-part creepy horror one-shot in November with Jess taking over as DM while Lili is away. Regular episodes will then begin again in January after a short break.

“We’re delighted with how much our content has resonated with audiences but the biggest reason we keep doing the stream is because we genuinely love each other and we have so much fun playing together. It’s the highlight of our week. We also love how our characters interact: we have Harper the badass-but-kinda-dense human fighter, Zara the geeky half-elf wizard academic who has a raging crush on Harper, Bree the wary but big-hearted tiefling rogue-courtesan, and Cassi the tiefling beatboxing bard, who DGAF to hilarious effect.”

Roll for Dameage airs Tuesdays at 8-11.30pm EST on twitch. Fans can view the homebrewed world of Evarrian at World Anvil and connect with the group on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also meet them in person at the twice-monthly Roll for Dameage meetup at Storm Crow Manor in Toronto.



There’s a fascinating idea at the heart of The Clean Up Crew’s storyline. The party is made up of wannabe adventurers who are getting a taste of the life by dealing with the mess left by more experienced campaigners. The advert they followed would make the contract writers at an Acquisitions Incorporated franchise sit up and take notice:

“Are you seeking adventure? Thinking about a new career as a mercenary, problem solver, or aggressive negotiator? Not sure if it’s for you! Join the clean-up crew today!! We give first-level adventurers a taste of the lifestyle as they clean up after higher-level adventurers! Low-risk experience gathering! Low chance of combat and resultant death! Training and qualifications! Insurance!! We will give YOU the opportunity to gather the experience you need for your first levels as an adventurer!”

“The Scratticus Academy will always be focused on helping new players get into the game,” says Scratticus himself. “And The Clean Up Crew is designed to welcome new players. We invite two new players a week to join our regular team as they clean up the aftermath of popular adventures. We are currently running through the Essentials Starter Kit but our story starts six months after the events of the book, so new players can still play through that box set unspoilt.

“This is a fresh and satirical take on adventuring as witnessed in the induction session early in each episode. Our regular players are starting to grow suspicious of their bosses motivations and how they came to be in this business. But as far as The Clean Up Crew goes, there will always be settings and campaigns that need cleaning up after adventurers have been through them.”

Scratticus Academy Presents: The Clean Up Crew airs on twitch from 11am-2pm PT every Tuesday. Scratticus Academy will also run a marathon gaming session from Saturday, November 9 at 10am PT to Sunday November 10 at 10am PT in support of Extra Life.


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