Elemental Evil: Unearth the Deception

An all-new storyline spanning across the tabletop RPG, a board game, gaming accessories and an MMO RPG pays homage to the legendary Temple of Elemental Evil adventure. Do you have what it takes to unearth the deception?

Many mortal lifetimes have passed since a temple dedicated to the Elder Elemental Eye was established by an ancient drow culture. Despite passing into legend, the Fane of the Eye still resides beneath the Sumber Hills. Yet even its vile, corrupted past may seem tame when compared with its potentially devastating future.

Insane mortals have acquired the means to reach out to the Princes of Elemental Evil, who reside on distant planes. Offering their devotion to these primordial beings in exchange for power, the prophet leaders of four cults are drawn to the Fane of the Eye. While they have no love or need for mortal worshipers, these Princes wish to see the cultists wreak havoc in their names and reduce the world to a more elemental state. When the cultists enter the temple, each prophet finds a gift that allows them to sow destruction on the Material Plane.


Cult of the Howling Hatred (Select to view)

Each Elemental Prince has a different elemental cult devoted to it. The Cult of the Howling Hatred worships Yan-C-Bin, the Prince of Evil Air; the Cult of the Black Earth follows Ogrémoch, the Prince of Evil Earth; the Cult of the Eternal Flame seeks the blessing of Imix, the Prince of Evil Fire; while the Cult of the Crushing Wave wishes to harness the power of Olhydra, the Princess of Evil Water.

Cult of the Black Earth (Select to view)

The cultists lurk behind an image of respectability, passing themselves off as harmless priests, monks and artisans. As such, they have begun to build secret temples and outposts throughout the Sword Coast and the North. In reality, their members are amoral, power-hungry lunatics – much like the elemental beings they claim to worship.

Cult of the Eternal Flame (Select to view)

All four cults seek to ravage the world with elemental disasters and wipe out civilization. By doing so, they believe their masters will reward them with untold power. Naturally, their activities have attracted the attention of various factions up and down the Sword Coast. Yet despite their shared destructive goals, the four cults do not see eye to eye.

Cult of the Crushing Wave (Select to view)

Individually, the cults view themselves as extensions of the four elements, with personalities to match. Fire cultists are violent and quick to anger; water cultists are cold and relentless; earth cultists are patient and intractable; and air cultists are swift and invisible like the wind. They also believe in the Elder Elemental Eye, which represents the union of all four elements into a powerful force of evil, although little is known of this entity. All four cults also train or draw in creatures that share an affinity with their elements, to help them do their bidding.


Each of the four cults is led by a ‘Prophet’ – so named for the apocalyptic visions they receive. It is these four who were drawn to the Sumber Hills by a common vision. Like their followers, each of these Prophets shares characteristics with the element they worship.



  • Aerisi Kalinoth, Air Prophet of the Elder Elemental Eye, is a spoiled and haughty moon elf princess. On meeting Kalinoth, her beautiful pale gray skin and silky black/blue hair are not the first things you'll notice about her, as she appears to have transformed herself into an avariel - or winged elf - with an impressive wingspan.
  • Marlos Urnrayle, Earth Prophet of the Elder Elemental Eye, dresses like a Waterdhavian noble, with gold metal accents. However, that garb can't hide the face of a man who was mysteriously transformed into a medusa by a ring that was supposed to keep him eternally young.
  • Vanifer, Fire Prophet of the Elder Elemental Eye, is a female tiefling who dresses in a blend of Sword Coast styles, combining Calishite decor with Tethyrian comfort and heavier Amnian fabric. She originally used her background as a dancer to open a school as a front for her fire cult and exhibits grace and great poise.
  • Water Prophet of the Elder Elemental Eye, has the magic of a druid, but his affinity is toward the sea, not the land. A shark bit off his left arm at the elbow when he was cast adrift during a pirate attack, and his replacement is an artificial limb that resembles a giant crab's claw. Gar's disposition is as cold and morose as that of the creature that took his arm.


Whether you like to roll dice, go toe-to-virtual-toe with computer opponents or explore the tiles of a board game, there’s a way to experience the adventure of Elemental Evil.



The Princes of the Apocalypse supplement for the tabletop roleplaying game is an epic adventure for characters from levels one through 15. It also adds new spells and a playable race – the element-touched genasi. In addition, a free download includes the player content available in Princes of the Apocalypse and additional new races and spells. Tabletop roleplayers worldwide can delve deeper into the devious plots every week, thanks to the D&D Adventurers League. From games at local stores to conventions hosting thousands of players, it’s easy to find a space that’s right for you.

A new downloadable module for the highly acclaimed free-to-play Neverwinter MMORPG is also out now. Neverwinter: Elemental Evil adds a new player class – the Paladin – and increases the videogame’s level cap to 70. This expansion to the Neverwinter MMO RPG is out now and the game is also available for the first time on the Xbox One.



An additional way for fans to experience the storyline is the Temple of Elemental Evil Adventure System Board Game. As with other titles in this line, it’s great to play in stand-alone sessions with your friends, but what’s awesome about Temple of Elemental Evil is how its 13 adventures are the most fun when played sequentially in a campaign. Your character can evolve and gain bonuses after each adventure to help them tackle even bigger challenges. Temple of Elemental Evil is also compatible with The Legend of Drizzt, Wrath of Ashardalon and Castle Ravenloft, so you can mix and match components for endless replay opportunities.

Also available in random booster packs is the Icons of the Realms: Elemental Evil pre-painted miniatures expansion, and look for masterfully sculpted, unpainted resin miniatures from GaleForce 9.


When the prophets followed their shared vision, they unearthed a secret dungeon beneath the Sumber Hills. There they found four elemental weapons – one for each of them. Air Prophet Aerisi Kalinoth wields the spear Windvane; Earth Prophet Marlos Urnrayle’s weapon is the war pick Ironfang; Fire Prophet Vanifer is armed with the dagger Tinderstrike; while Water Prophet Gar Shatterkeel matches the impressive size of his giant prosthetic crab’s claw with the imposing trident Drown (which features in the Temple of Elemental Evil board game).

Armed with these powerful weapons, the prophets can pull parts of the elemental planes into the material plane, creating elemental nodes. These terrestrial conduits to the Princes’ home worlds are like miniature versions of the elemental planes of earth, air, fire and water. In the Neverwinter MMO RPG, players battle the Prophets in Spinward Rise, Drowned Shore, Reclamation Rock and the Fiery Pit.

Nodes give the cultists access to unfettered elemental power. Using the four gifted weapons, the Prophets can perform potent rituals to harness the power of the nodes, creating catastrophic magic items called devastation orbs. These can be transported to other locations and used to trigger massive elemental disasters.